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What if you could correct your nearsightedness, without wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses as part of your daily life and without having to undergo surgery such as LASIK. Well, that’s what 2020 Vision Place offers with orthokeratology. Also known as corneal refractive therapy, it involves special lenses that you get from Dr. Ralph Bourjolly, our North Lauderdale optometrist. You wear them every night while you sleep and in the morning, your sight will be normal. If that sounds too good to be true, be assured that it is a safe, easy, and highly effective way to treat nearsightedness, either with our without astigmatism.

Orthokeratology 33323

Orthokeratology 33323

While LASIK surgery is very popular these days, not everyone is a good candidate for it, either due to being too young or due to risk factors that disqualify them. Or perhaps you simply are not happy with the idea of any type of surgery, even one done with lasers. With orthokeratology, it does not matter for how long you have been nearsighted, because it will work for you and offer impressive benefits. Clinical research along with the most updated technology for mapping the surface of the cornea led to the development of orthokeratology as a way to reshape your cornea as you sleep. Nearsightedness occurs because a misshapen cornea allows light to focus on the front of your retinas instead of the center of it as when vision is normal. To correct it, you will wear what look like ordinary contact lenses that are provided by our North Lauderdale optometrist. These specially designed therapeutic lenses work as you sleep to delicately reshape the surface of your cornea, passively and safely, with absolutely no effort on your part.

The only drawback is that the effects are temporary and that is why you need to wear the lenses every night as you sleep. The advantages, of course, are obvious. All day and all evening, you can work, play, and engage in your usual routine free from eyeglasses or contact lenses. Even laser surgery doesn’t always eliminate the need for your corrective lenses entirely. So if you’re tired of wearing glasses or contacts and you don’t think that surgery is the right option for you, make an appointment with our North Lauderdale optometrist and get started with the benefits of orthokeratology right away.

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