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Here at 2020 Vision Place, our Davie Florida eye doctor and the rest of our staff are always putting your vision quality and eye health at the top of our priority list. We treat a number of eye conditions and patients of all ages. One vision condition that we most often see in older patients is the development of cataracts. A cataract means that there is a clouding over of the lens of your eye. This cloudiness develops slowly over time, and eventually can have a serious affect on your ability to see properly. You may start to see that your vision is like looking through a foggy window, and that you cannot see details or colors as strongly as you once could. You may also experience excess glare or find regular lights to be too bright for you. Eventually, even recognizing faces may become a struggle.

Eye Examinations Davie

Eye Examinations Davie

There are many risk factors associated with cataracts, including: ongoing exposure to UV radiation, smoking, diabetes, a family history of cataracts, hypertension, obesity, use of cholesterol medications, previous eye injury, previous eye surgery, and more. If you think you might have a cataract, you should visit our Davie Florida eye doctor here at 2020 Vision Place as soon as possible so that we can help. We can diagnose cataracts using a comprehensive eye examination at our office. If we do confirm a diagnosis of cataracts, you can rest assured knowing that cataracts are highly treatable. It is one of the most common vision problems in the world, and has been studied extensively, leading to highly effective surgical methods to treat cataracts. Our Davie Florida eye doctor would be happy to explain how cataract surgery works and how it can work for you during your next visit with us at 2020 Vision Place.

To learn more about useful eye health topics and all of the related services provided by our Davie Florida eye doctor, we encourage you to visit the main 2020 Vision Place website to browse through some additional information. If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact our staff directly.

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