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Do you remember the last time you had your eyes cared for by your local Davie optometrist? Many of us neglect booking appointments with an optical care center due to the simple belief that only those who live with a previously diagnosed optical condition need to bees by an eye doctor, but the truth is far from this idea. Everyone at every age needs to be receiving eye exams on an annual basis, regardless of whether or not you currently require vision correction or not. Eye exams do far more than just examine the strength of your vision, they also work to detect many diseases that can exist through the human body. To find out how and exactly and why eye exam are necessary for your overall health and wellness, simply visit the experts at welcoming practice of the 2020 Vision Place.

Davie Florida Eye Exams

Davie Florida Eye Exams

One of the many tests that is often involved in a comprehensive eye exam is the dilation of the eyes. This process allows your doctor to view the inside of your eye through the pupil to examine the nerve endings and other optical structures in search of any sign of damage or disease. This can cause your eyes to be dilated for a small span of time after. However, in rare cases a patient will enter your trusted Davie optometrist with eyes that are overly dilated on their own accord. This bud-eyed symptoms is a symptom called exophthalmos which occurs due to Grave’s Disease. This condition is caused by an overactive thyroid gland within the nervous system, and can also cause a patient to experience weight loss, anxiety, and a rapid heartbeat.

Your eyes can display symptoms that patients will never notice without a comprehensive eye exam from your professional Davie optometrist. While many of us have pale colored eyes can appear to change color in different lighting or even from different outfits, other areas of the eye can change colors in a manner that means to signal danger inside the body. A gray ring around the cornea of your eyes is a symptom known as arcus senilis, and is caused by increasingly high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood stream. This indicates that blood vessels are beginning to develop blockages, greatly increasing your chances of cardiac arrest.

The eyes are the window to a body’s overall state of health, and as such should be examined by your neighborhood Davie optometrist at least once a year. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the 2020 Vision Place make it easy for you to get the care you need with office hours providing state of the art optical care seven days a week. With annual visits to the 2020 Vision Place you can insure perfect health and clear vision for life.

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