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Are suffering from eyes which are itchy and irritated, and often produce discharge of an unseemly color? Do you find yourself dealing with optical pain that has little to do with using your computer? Or are straight lines in your visual field appearing to you to be distorted or squiggly in some manner? If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms, you need to pay a visit to your local Sunrise emergency eye doctor as soon as possible. Optical emergencies are caused by much more than physical injuries, but in fact are often caused by illness and disease. Fortunately, you can always find the care you need at the welcoming offices of the 2020 Vision Place.

Optical Emergencies Sunrise

Optical Emergencies Sunrise

Dry eyes are in some cases a minor problem, and in others are only one symptom of a far worse problem. If your eyes are creating a discharge that is either yellow or green, this can be a sign of a developing infection inside your eyes. An infection in the eye can be caused by numerous medical reasons, including contact lenses which have not been properly cleaned, and can occur from viral infections or strands of bacteria. Our eyes are constantly pummeled by particles from the outside world, and without proper antibodies they can become ill. Any sign of infection should be treated by your trusted Sunrise emergency eye doctor to stop the spread of illness to yourself and others.

If you have noticed lines in your vision that appear to be anything straight, it is more often than not caused by more than your imagination. When straight lines begin to distort, this is often the cause of an optical illness known as macular degeneration. This optical illness occurs most often due to the onset of aging, and can cause permanent loss of vision over time. Other optical illnesses such as glaucoma can cause optical pain, as well as gradual loss of peripheral vision as the pressure rises inside your eyes too destructive levels. These optical illnesses require immediate attention from your professional Sunrise emergency eye doctor. With an expedient diagnosis, your ophthalmologist can work to treat these illnesses in their earliest stages and stop permanent vision loss from occurring to your eyes.

For advanced optical care when you need it most, be sure to visit your neighborhood Sunrise emergency eye doctor. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at the offices of the 2020 Vision Place pride ourselves on offering the most advanced of optical care in a timely manner to accommodate the immediate optical health care needs of our patients. Whether you are suffering from ocular trauma, infection, or a developing disease, you can always find the care you need with the 2020 Vision Place.

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