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There are plenty of tools available for those who live with any kind of vision impairment. Glasses or frames are a more traditional option and can be used as a fashion accessory as well as an appliance for vision correction. But not everyone may want glasses. For those who do not like the aesthetic or feel of frames, then we here at 2020 Vision Place can offer you a variety of different contact lens types and brands, including bifocal as well as monovision contact lenses. Here at our Davie eye care office, our staff can thoroughly examine your eyes and determine what kind of contacts are best for your needs.

Here at our Davie eye care office, we can provide you with contacts. For people who live with presbyopia, it may seem like bifocal eyeglass lenses are your only option, but this is not the case. Here at 2020 Vision Place, we can provide you with bifocal contact lenses that work in much the same way that traditional bifocals do. You will still need to have a comprehensive contact lens exam considering that contacts require a different prescription strength than traditional eyeglass lenses. These contact lenses will allow you to see comfortably and clearly at different distances without having to wear frames. For monovision contact lenses, the process is very much the same. Your eyes will be tested for their contact lens prescription strength. Additionally, if you have never worn contacts before your eyes will also be thoroughly tested and examined in other capacities in order to ensure your eyes are healthy enough to wear contacts to begin with. Some eye conditions, such as dry eye syndrome, can make it difficult or even impossible to wear contact lenses.

If our opticians at 2020 Vision Place find that your eyes are capable of wearing contact lenses, then one of our team members will provide you with sample brands and types that suit your eyes to see which ones feel most comfortable. They will also instruct you on how to properly insert your contacts and safely remove them, how to keep them sanitary and how to clean them efficiently before and after each use.

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