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Eye Surgery in Sunrise FL

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Co-Management of LASIK in Sunrise FL

Eye surgery in Sunrise FL
Eye surgery in Sunrise FL

If you’re thinking of getting LASIK, the revolutionary laser eye procedure, then you should have all of the necessary information at your disposal so that you can make the best decision. Any type of surgery, even one as simple and successful as LASIK should be taken seriously. With our co-management services at 2020 Vision Place, you can have all your questions answered and get all the details you want about eye surgery in Sunrise FL, in a relaxed atmosphere.

The purpose of LASIK is to reshape your cornea. If you are nearsighted, farsighted, have an astigmatism, or any combination of those refractive concerns, the reason is that your corneas are misshaped. They are either refracting light that is reaching the front or back of your retina, instead of the center; or they are causing light to be refracted in one direction more than another. The bottom line is that you can’t see your best at one or more distances. The degree can range from mild to severe, and although your eyeglasses or contact lenses will correct your vision very effectively, you may want to take advantage of eye surgery in Sunrise FL to allow you to stop leaning so heavily on your prescription eyewear. You may even be able to toss it out entirely. There is no traditional cutting, no stitches, and no bandages with LASIK. Each eye only takes a few minutes, and there should be very little or no pain at all. And since over 90% of the procedures are successful, there is every reason for you to be confident out the outcome. Most patients start noticing improved vision the next day, or sometimes later the same day.

Determine both if you’re a good candidate for eye surgery in Sunrise FL, and also if you think it’s the best option for you. Schedule an appointment with our office for a co-management consultation.

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