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Yearly eye examinations are vital to the health of your eyes as well as your vision. Many people forget about overall eye health and may also believe that an eye exam is only necessary if you happen to have a noticeable vision problem. An annual eye exam can determine whether you have any early signs of eye or health conditions which can later result in vision problems. Additionally, if you notice any new or unusual eye symptoms or discomforts then you should see our North Lauderdale eye doctor right away. Here at 2020 Vision Place we can provide you with a thorough eye exam that can help identify any present eye conditions and treat them with care.

Eye Irritation North Lauderdale

Eye Irritation North Lauderdale

Dry eye syndrome is a fairly common ailment. Dry eye symptoms may include a sensitivity to light, a feeling of foreign body sensation, redness or pain in the eye as well as blurred vision. These symptoms are brought on because the tear duct cannot produce proper tears that sufficiently lubricate the surface of the eye. If the eye is not properly lubricated then it can become irritated much more easily and cause the eye injury. This can include corneal ulcers or abrasions which can directly affect your vision, sometimes permanently. The eye becomes far more prone to inflammation and infection as well, leading to other serious eye conditions. As you can see, if dry eye syndrome is left undiagnosed and/or untreated it can lead to many serious problems. It’s important to have an annual eye exam and here with our North Lauderdale eye doctor, Dr. Ralph Bourjolly, you can be certain that any eye conditions will be identified and promptly treated.

Dry eye syndrome rarely leads to vision loss alone, but severe cases of conditions that can be caused by dry eye syndrome can potentially result in vision impairment or loss. Corneal ulcers and abrasions can create scars on the cornea and can affect how well you see depending on their location in regards to the pupil. Regardless, dry eye syndrome is uncomfortable, irritating and can cause a lot of unnecessary annoyance to your everyday living. Visit Dr. Ralph Bourjolly here at 2020 Vision Place and have any conditions treated promptly. Even if you do not have dry eye syndrome or any of its symptoms, it is possible you may still exhibit early signs of other conditions which may not yet yield any noticeable symptoms. You are in good hands with our North Lauderdale eye doctor and your eyes will be well taken care of and looked after.

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