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Optician in Fort Lauderdale FL

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Optical Goods in Fort Lauderdale FL

Optician in Fort Lauderdale FL
Optician in Fort Lauderdale FL

If you need to get a new prescription for contact lenses, or are going to be getting contact lenses for the first time, you should visit us at 2020 Vision Place where you will receive an excellent contact lens exam and fitting. Our optician in Fort Lauderdale FL, will also make sure that you will get the contact lenses that work best for you.

If you need to get a new contact lens prescription, you will be seen by our expert optometrist, Dr. Ralph Bourjolly. Dr. Bourjolly will examine your eyes to make sure that they are healthy, and will not be negatively affected by wearing contact lenses. Your visual acuity will be determined, and you will receive a contact lens prescription for contact lenses that will not only help you to see clearly, but which will fit your eyes perfectly. After your eye examination, our optician in Fort Lauderdale FL will evaluate your eyes and let you know which type of contact lenses will best work for you. Even if you have astigmatism or dry eye, you can have your vision corrected with contact lenses which will not only be comfortable, but which will be safe for your eyes to wear. We prescribe all major brands of contact lenses, whether they are soft or rigid. Today most people do wear soft contact lenses because they are so comfortable and easy to get used to. Soft contact lenses come in different styles to work with your individual lifestyle. At our office, we can also prescribe custom designed contact lenses if your eyes have special needs due to certain eye problems. Some of the contact lenses that we specialize fitting our patients for are: bifocal contact lenses; monovision contact lenses; astigmatism contact lenses; keratoconus treatment lenses; pediatric contact lenses; and prosthetic contact lenses.

Our optician in Fort Lauderdale FL is highly trained to answer your questions regarding the contact lenses that will work best for you. We also have a great deal of experience working with colored contact lenses to provide you with the exact color change you are looking for.

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