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Sunrise Dry Eye Treatment

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Dry Eyes in Sunrise

Sunrise dry eye treatment
Sunrise dry eye treatment

Dry eye syndrome occurs when your eyes are not making enough tears to lubricate your eyes sufficiently, or the composition of your tears does not meet the necessary standard. Fortunately, at 2020 Vision Place, you don’t have to continue to suffer with the effects of it. Now that you know the cause of it, we’re going to discuss the symptoms that you should be aware of, and the options available for our Sunrise dry eye treatment.

Signs that may indicate the presence of dry eye syndrome include redness in your eyes, sensitivity to light, tired eyes, and a sensation of burning or stinging in your eyes. Blurry vision is also possible, especially if you spend a lot of time looking at a screen each day, either for work or for pleasure (or both). In addition to the listed symptoms, there are certain environmental and lifestyle factors that can increase your risk. Among them are exposure to wind or smoke, and wearing contact lenses (particularly extended wear). Before beginning our Sunrise dry eye treatment, you’ll need an eye exam from our optometrist. As part of this simple process, you may be tested to measure the quantity and quality of your tears. Don’t worry. They are both painless, and helpful in determining the precise reason behind your dry eyes. In many cases, artificial tears are the solution. You may find over-the-counter versions to be good enough, but stronger ones are available on prescription. If your dry eyes are recurring or chronic, you may need to consider surgery as a possibility. It is also a good idea to wear eyeglasses or sunglasses outdoors on windy days, and to avoid smoke whenever possible. Getting a humidifier in your home may also have positive effects.

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