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Are you worried about the needs of our aftercare as you get closer to your first visit to your local optical surgeon for your life-changing LASIK procedure? Finding the time to take off from work for your vision corrective surgery can be hard enough for many of us who work hard for a living, let alone scheduling the multiple visits required through your aftercare phase to insure that your eyes heal correctly for perfect vision. However, there are ways to receive the care you want, without the travel and downtime you don’t. You can find the personalized and professional care you need for all of your follow-up and post-op appointments with co-management of LASIK from the local doctor you trust for your Sunrise LASIK evaluations with the 2020 Vision Place.

33323 LASIK Surgery Co-Management

33323 LASIK Surgery Co-Management

Your trusted optometrist understands the needs of our valued patients, and just as your experienced team provides Sunrise LASIK evaluations to help you determine whether or not your eyes are eligible for vision correction that can enable you to see perfectly without the need for prescription contact lenses or eyeglasses, they are also qualified experts in the co-management of LASIK with your optical surgeon. Our doctors understand how difficult it can be the find the time to get out to surgeon’s office for follow-up care, that’s why our team works with your LASIK surgeon to provide the care you need right in your local area.

With co-management of LASIK procedures, you can simply have your surgery performed at the optical surgeon of your choosing, and book all of your follow-up appointments with your regular eye doctor at our offices. All of your information is instantly forwarded to our practice following your procedure, so you can rest easy knowing our team has everything we need to care for your eyes, without you needing to make the extra trips back to the surgeon for simple check-ups on your healing eyes.

The aftercare process of a LASIK corrective optical surgery is a sensitive one for many of us, as there are few things more important and valuable to our fully and healthy lives than our ability to see the world around us. You can book both your Sunrise LASIK evaluations and any follow-up appointments perfectly to fit your schedule, as our practice the 2020 Vision Place is open seven days a week for your convenience. Dr. Bourjolly has been proudly helping patients just like you care for their healing eyes after LASIK procedures for over 20 years, and has the expertise and experience to identify any problems the moment they occur to insure your eyes heal quickly and perfectly. With LASIK co-management from the state of the art practice of 2020 Vision Place, LASIK follow-ups are never a hassle for you.

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