Sunrise Pediatric Optometrist

Sunrise Pediatric Optometrist

When it comes to children, few things are more important to their parents than their health. While parents are quick to schedule vaccinations and clinical check-ups, often times pediatric vision exams can fall to the wayside. However, children in their youngest years need to be seeing their local Sunrise pediatric optometrist by six months old to receive examinations that could very well prevent optical problems in their future. Whether your family has a history of optical conditions or not, common pediatric vision problems can still develop in the first few months of their lives. You can find trained professionals in the specialized care of pediatric optical health at the 2020 Vision Place.

Children's Eye Care Sunrise Florida

Children’s Eye Care Sunrise Florida

Pediatric vision exams can not only diagnose problems early, but can also provide early optical care that will prevent future damage to vision from certain optical problems. Amblyopia or lazy eye often shows very few symptoms a parent will be able to recognize at an early age, and often does not show the symptoms of poor eye movement and vision loss until the damage is permanent. Early diagnosis of lazy eye, generally within the preschool years or sooner if possible, at your trusted Sunrise pediatric optometrist can lead to better treatment results, as the disease responds much better to early treatment. Amblyopia can cause permanent vision loss without proper care at a young age.

Pediatric optical exams can also detect vision problems immediately, without waiting later in life. Most of us wait until our children show symptoms from at-school eye exams to receive treatment for our children’s sight problems, but in doing so you allow for problems in the classroom. Don’t wait for poor vision to hamper your child’s ability to learn, especially at a young age when minds are at their most precious, instead allow your child to be cared for by your professional Sunrise pediatric optometrist so your child never falls behind from poor vision. It may surprise you, but at a young age your doctor can detect the presence of the most common optical conditions which cause vision problems, including myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

Dr. Bourjolly of the 2020 Vision Place has been proudly serving the needs of children and adults alike for over a decade. His experience with the specific treatment needs that pediatric optical care requires is one parents can trust and rely on for the care of their children’s precious sight. Our team at your local Sunrise pediatric optometrist will work with you and your whole family to insure any optical conditions are caught as soon as possible for the most advanced and effective care. Whether your child has amblyopia, or a common optical condition, you can be sure that 2020 Vision Place will keep them seeing clearly for a lifetime.

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