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Eye Doctor in Tamarac

Tamarac vision expert
Tamarac vision expert

If you have been thinking that it has been a while since you had your eyes examined, and you really are due for a vision checkup, you probably are looking for a great eye doctor to entrust your eye care to. When you need a Tamarac vision expert to provide you and your family with expert eye care, you will want to come to our practice, 2020 Vision Place.

Our highly-trained optometrist at 2020 Vision Place is. Dr. Ralph Bourjolly. At our practice, we all work to provide our patients with the highest level of professional care and personal attention. Our office is state-of-the-art in terms of technology and procedures used for eye disease diagnosis and eye treatments. At 2020 Vision Place our Tamarac vision expert provides many different services including: comprehensive eye examinations; contact lens exams and fittings; emergency eye care; vision treatment for children; glaucoma management; and co-management of LASIK.

Dr. Ralph Bourjolly, seeks to not only meet, but to exceed all patient expectations. All of our patients are treated on an individual basis, and are provided with personalized eye care specially tailored to fit their needs. As a co-manager of LASIK surgery, our Tamarac vision expert is well-trained to screen patients for LASIK, and make sure that they are patients who will benefit from and can safely receive LASIK surgery. He will also work closely with your LASIK surgeon to make sure that your pre-LASIK and post-LASIK treatment is thorough, to help ensure a successful outcome. If you need a comprehensive eye exam, Dr. Bourjolly will make sure that your eyes are thoroughly examined for all eye diseases, and that if you need a new vision prescription it will perfectly fit your vision needs. Our practice will be able to successfully fulfill all of your eye care needs, including providing comprehensive eye exams and prescriptions for all major brands of soft and rigid contact lenses, including contact lenses for special needs and eye problems. Contact lenses our doctor fits for patients include: bifocal contact lenses; monovision contact lenses; contact lenses for astigmatism; contacts to treat keratoconus; contacts for orthokeratology treatment; pediatric contact lenses; and prosthetic contact lenses. We also fit and prescribe colored contacts, for people who want it to appear as though their eye color has changed. If you would like an appointment to see our eye doctor Dr. Bourjolly, contact us today at 2020 Vison Place for an appointment.

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